Better Late Than Never

As I mentioned in the previous gallery, our photographer was late showing up.  Jason and I had teased each other for the better part of the afternoon/evening, so that when we finally made it to my room for the shoot, we couldn’t hold back.  Some of the pictures in this gallery are some of my favorites.

Tilly!  XxX
Oh!  You might have noticed that at one point in our shoot, Jason is having a conversation…Wish I could I remember what the story was, lol


Black Dom, White Sub

I was approached by a Black Dom who offered his services along with his White Boy Sub. Yum!!! Iíve seen my share of guys sucking each other off, but Iíd never had the chance to see two men fucking. Am I ever happy that I had the chance! I was so wet, horny, and turned-on. Iím going to have to find more men willing to do this for me.
Tilly! XxX Oh!
If anyone in my areaís interested, Iíd love to have a sub willing to take cocks with me. I think Iíd like that a lot, hehe.


Young Juice

I met a cute 19 year old online. We exchanged a few messages, and he surprised me by asking if I could top him with a strap-on (of which I donít haveÖpout). I told him I was more than happy to take out my basket of toys for him to enjoy instead. I let him pick which one he preferred (tongue shaped vibrator). I was so excited having him bent over on my bed, toy in his ass, while I played with his cock. Didnít take long before I wanted to be fucked tooÖ
Oh! Iím such a bad girl though, because I told him he couldnít cumÖ

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